Printable Lined Writing Paper Template PDFs for School

Maybe today isn’t your day. Perhaps you left your backpack on the bus, your lunch on the counter, and your homework on your desk. Now you’re on the way to class, horribly unprepared for the school day ahead. Unfortunately I can’t help you get your backpack back, but I can at least give you the ability to take notes in class. All you need is access to a library printer, and one of these free printable lined writing paper templates. Download one of the 6 sheets below, and you’ll be able to take notes just like normal. Of course you’ll still need a pencil, but you can probably borrow one from a friend, or find one lying around in the hallway.

The lines on these printable lined writing paper templates are spaced 0.375″ apart. The first printable is your standard notebook paper sheet. Next we have a yellow notebook paper sheet, like you see in legal pads. The third printable notebook page has black lines. The fourth and fifth writing pages are landscape format.

Downloading Instructions: Click on a lined writing paper template. The corresponding PDF version will open in your browser. After if loads, save it to your computer or send it right to your printer.

Printable Lined Writing Paper Templates – PDF – Portrait

printable lined writing paper template

yellow notebook paper page printable

printable notebook paper black lines

Printable Lined Writing Paper Templates – PDF – Landscape

lined writing paper


yellow lined notebook paper PDF

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  1. Nice one. This one makes it easy to make a 2nd page by flipping the image for dual sided printing with no watermarks, etc. Thank you.

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