Thanksgiving Dot-to-Dot / Connect-the-Dot Printables

Complete the picture by following the numbers in these free printable Thanksgiving dot-to-dot (aka connect-the-dot) activity sheets for kids. The first dot-to-dot depicts a Pilgrim walking into his house with a turkey on a platter. In the second dot-to-dot, kids can finish the illustration by tracing around a cornucopia. After the dot-to-dot is complete, let your kids color these printables in. Stick the completed artwork on the fridge and you’ve got a new Thanksgiving decoration for the home!

Thanksgiving Dot-to-Dot Printables

Please click the image of the printable to visit its download page. Each printable is 1200×927 pixels. When printing, toggle “Scale to Fit Media.” Then the image will fit perfectly on an 8.5×11 letter-sized sheet of paper.

thanksgiving dot-to-dot

The above illustration is also available as a coloring page.

thanksgiving connect-the-dots

The above illustration is also available as a writing template in color and black & white.

For more Thanksgiving printables, please visit the Thanksgiving Activities Page, or the Thanksgiving Section in the Printables Library.

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