Christmas Dot-to-Dots for Kids – Printable Holiday Connect the Dots

christmas extreme difficulty dot-to-dots

Merry Christmas! On this page you will find a collection of Christmas dot-to-dot printables for kids. These engaging activities make great little stocking stuffers. There are challenging extreme difficulty dot-to-dots for older kids, teenagers, and adults, and there are easy dot-to-dots for young kids. Connect the dots to create Santa’s sleigh, a snowman, a snowflake, a reindeer, a gingerbread man, and more! Download all the printables you want for your kids, the perfect activity for a cold winter day.

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Christmas Dot-to-Dots – Extreme Difficulty Dot-to-Dots

Teachers often comment on Teachers Pay Teachers about how much their kids love these Extreme Difficulty Dot-to-Dots. Are your students up to the challenge?

To begin, see if you can complete this Santa’s Sleigh Dot-to-Dot. There are 1395 dots to connect!


Download Page Link: Santa’s Sleigh Dot-to-Dot

Up on the North Pole, a trio of Santa’s Reindeer! (Which ones? Beats me, I can never tell them apart. Dasher? Dancer? Prancer? Probably not Rudolph, because he’s still copyrighted.)

santas reindeer dot-to-dot

Download Link: Santa’s Reindeer Dot-to-Dot

Next, connect 563 dots to reveal to gingerbread man!

gingerbread man dot-to-dot for kids

Download Page Link: Gingerbread Man Dot-to-Dot

Still want more dot-to-dots? Try out this next one, titled The Moose, the Moon, and the Christmas Tree.

christmas dot-to-dot the moose and the moon and the christmas tree

Download Page Link: The Moose, the Moon, and the Christmas Tree Dot-to-Dot

But wait! There’s more! Give this Christmas Stocking Dot-to-Dot a go!

christmas stocking dot-to-dot

Download Page Link: Christmas Stocking Dot-to-Dot

Easy Christmas Dot to Dot Printables for Kids

christmas dot-to-dots / connect the dots for kids

The dot-to-dots below are all either ‘easy’ or ‘medium’ difficulty.

The first easy Christmas dot-to-dot features a cartoon reindeer, with 171 dots to connect.

christmas dot-to-dots

Download Page Link: Reindeer Dot-to-Dot

(This little reindeer was also featured in one of my Christmas bookmarks and as a coloring page and color by number printable.)

And here we have the Goofy Reindeer Dot-to-Dot, with 146 dots to connect:

christmas reindeer dot-to-dot connect the dots

Download Page Link: Goofy Reindeer Dot-to-Dot

Stocking Dot-to-Dot

Connect 32 dots to draw the Christmas stocking.

stocking dot-to-dot

Download Page Link: Stocking Dot-to-Dot

Snowman Dot-to-Dot

It takes 83 dots to bring this snowman to life!

snowman dot-to-dot

Download Page Link: Snowman Dot-to-Dot

Gingerbread Man Dot-to-Dot

Here’s an easier gingerbread man dot-to-dot with only 75 dots to connect.

gingerbread man dot-to-dot-medium

Download Page Link: Gingerbread Man Dot-to-Dot

Snowflake Dot-to-Dots

Three snowflake dot to dots for kids. The first dot to dot has 96 dots to connect.

snowflake dot-to-dot christmas dot-to-dot

Download Page Link: Snowflake Dot-to-Dots

The next snowflake connect the dot printable has 72 dots to connect.

snowflake dot-to-dot

Download Page Link: Snowflake Dot-to-Dots

This final snowflake dot to dot is the easiest, with only 60 dots to connect.

snowflake connect the dots

Download Page Link: Snowflake Dot-to-Dots

These snowflakes are also available as printable snowflake templates. Visit my Snowflake Templates page and find templates for 8 unique snowflakes.

Christmas Tree Dot-to-Dot

Connect all 293 dots to complete the picture of a Christmas tree.

christmas tree dot-to-dot

Download Page Link: Christmas Tree Dot-to-Dot


I hope you liked these Christmas dot-to-dot printables. Have a great winter holiday and a Happy New Year with family and friends! If you and your kids enjoyed this content, please leave a comment below. You can also follow Tim’s Printables on Pinterest.

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