Printable Santa Letter Template for Kids

It’s time for the children to write their yearly letter to Santa Claus. Turn on your printer, download one of these Santa letter templates, and get started! Choose from 4 different Santa letter templates. These Santa letter templates are available to download for subscribing members of Tim’s Printables. Not yet a member? Join today! Already a member? Please sign in so you can start downloading!

Santa Letter Templates

The first two Santa Claus letter are based on my printable Christmas paper design. I’ve added lines for writing.

Santa Letter Template

Santa Claus Letter Template

The third letter template features a hand-drawn polar bear in the margin. This one is my favorite of the bunch. You can also find a black and white version of this template in the Christmas Activity eBook.

Santa Letter Template

The final letter template includes some snowman clip art that kids can color. 
Santa Claus Template Printable


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Christmas Activity eBook

The Christmas Activity eBook is here! If you haven’t downloaded your copy yet, do so now!

Christmas activity eBook


Have a great winter holiday!


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