Christmas Step-by-Step Drawing Tutorials

It’s time for Christmas break. If drawing is one of your hobbies, turn on your printer and download these printable Christmas Step-by-Step Drawing Tutorials. 

Follow the steps and learn how to draw Santa Claus, two elves, Mrs. Claus, a penguin, and a polar bear. 

A square grid is displayed behind each drawing step. In this way, you can easily figure out where elements of the drawing belong. Furthermore, a blank drawing grid has been provided on each sheet for you to draw the Christmas character/object. 

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Christmas Step-by-Step Drawing Tutorials

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Learn how to draw old Saint Nick, leader of the North Pole Elves.

christmas step-by-step drawing tutorial

Learn how to draw his Old Lady too, Mrs. Claus. 

mrs claus drawing tutorial

Next, try to draw this cheerful elf. 

christmas step-by-step drawing tutorial

Then, try to draw another elf!

elf drawing tutorial

Afterward, have a go at drawing a polar bear. 

polar bear drawing tutorial

Lastly, try drawing a penguin. 

penguin drawing tutorial


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Artist Tips

While it’s a lot of fun to follow a drawing tutorial, the real magic happens when you add your own creativity. After you’ve drawn each of the characters in the tutorials, try redrawing them again. This time, however, add in a few personal flourishes. For instance, you can draw a different hat on an elf. Alternatively, change the facial expression on Santa Claus. Or perhaps you can draw a few props to expand the scene. For example, draw a sleigh next to Santa Claus, a gingerbread house next to Mrs. Claus, or a pile of toys next to the elves. In this manner, your drawing will quickly take on an original life of its own, with you as the proud creator!

Finally, a few thoughts on artist’s tools. When drawing, I like to use 2B or HB pencils, especially from the brand Koh-I-Noor Hardtmuth Toison D’Or 1900. For quick sketches, any paper will do really. For finished drawings, however, I strongly recommend Strathmore Bristol board. When inking your illustration, you can’t go wrong with Speedball India ink and a classic nib. My personal nib of choice is a Spitzfeder 111 extrafein.

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