Christmas Cut Outs

If your kids enjoy art and decorating, print these free Christmas cut outs. There are several different versions of these printable Christmas cut outs available. You can print them to make Christmas posters, decorate homemade Christmas cards, and to make your own Christmas ornaments. If you want to create durable Christmas cut outs, print onto construction paper and laminate.

Printable Christmas Cut Outs


Click an illustration below to go to its download page in the Printables Library.

christmas cut outs

The first sheet of Christmas cut outs contains 5 full-color illustrations: Santa and his reindeer, a lively snowman and his son playing in the snow, a polar bear carrying Santa’s bag of toys, Santa Claus throwing a snowball, and a cheerful reindeer.

The second cut out sheet is the black and white version of the first, so kids can color these drawings.

christmas cut out printables

christmas clip art


The third sheet features 6 illustrations: An elf hauling Santa’s bag of toys, a Christmas gift, a large snowflake, Santa checking his list of naughty & nice children, an elf guard in Santa’s workshop, and a pair of penguins building a snowman.

The fourth and final collection of Christmas cut outs contains the following 9 drawings: a pair of candy canes, a stocking, a gingerbread man, a candle, a branch of holly, a bell, a Christmas tree, a snowman, and a single candy cane.

Have a great holiday!

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