Printable Wicked Witch Coloring Page

Witch Coloring PageHalloween is fast approaching. If your kids like to color, print this free wicked witch coloring page.

For this coloring page, I tried to capture the idea of a traditional evil witch, with a large pointy hat, a crooked nose, warts and blisters, and ragged clothes. And of course, she’s brewing a foul concoction, some sinister potion, perhaps a soup to boil Hansel and Gretel.

Witch Coloring Pages – Halloween Printables

Spooky Halloween Coloring Pages for Kids

Click on the witch coloring page to see a larger version of the image (927 x 1200 pixels). I recommend printing the larger version, since it won’t look pixelated when printing.

Witch Coloring Page

Next, this witch is sweeping across the midnight sky on her broomstick, with her bat-wing cape rippling in the wind. Do you know where the quote is from? That’s right, Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The second line is also the title of a highly immersive Ray Bradbury novel.

Witch Coloring Page for Kids

For those of you curious about how this witch coloring page was created:

I started quick pen sketch on paper. I scanned this sketch and then brought it into a program called Manga Studio.

I refined the lines of the drawing using a uniform stroke, drawing with a Wacom Tablet. Then I inked the illustrated digitally, to create the various line weights.

Finally, I added the Tim’s Printables logo and copyright info in Adobe Illustrator.

Halloween Witch Color Examples

Some Creative Inspiration

Witch Image Witch drawing

Witch Drawing

Here are a few colored versions of my witch coloring pages, so show you how it might look when colored.

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