Free Easter Bunny Template / Easter Bunny Clipart and Coloring Pages

easter bunnyIt’s almost time for Easter! If you like creative arts and crafts, on this page you’ll find a cheerful collection of Easter Bunny Printables, including an Easter Bunny Template, Easter Bunny Clipart, Easter Bunny Coloring Pages, and more.

All of these printables are original illustrations that I’ve drawn. You may print them for free for personal and educational purposes. I draw these items for kids, students, homeschooling parents and teachers. Commercial use is prohibited. Thanks for respecting this!

Easter Bunny Template

The first printable is an Easter Bunny Template. Print this cute little guy for your Easter arts and crafts for the classroom or the home. You can also trace this drawing onto felt or cardboard.

Easter Bunny Template
Easter Bunny Template – Jpeg

Easter Bunny Clipart

Print this Easter Bunny Clipart for paper toys, Easter projects, church flyers and posters, and other creative printables.

Easter Bunny Clip Art
Easter Bunny Clip Art #1 – Jpeg
Easter Bunny Clipart
Easter Bunny Clipart #2 – Jpeg
Rabbit Clip Art
Easter Bunny Clipart #3 – Jpeg

Easter Bunny Coloring Pages

Kids, I hope the Easter Bunny has brought you some crayons and coloring pages. Our next group of printables is a set of Easter Bunny Coloring Pages.

Easter Bunny Coloring Page
Easter Bunny Coloring Page #1 – Jpeg
Printable Easter Bunny Coloring Page
Easter Bunny Coloring Page #2 – Jpeg
Rabbit Coloring Page
Easter Bunny Coloring Page #3 – Jpeg


Easter Writing Paper

If you students like writing, print a sheet of Easter Writing Paper.

Easter Story Starter
Easter Writing Paper #1 – Jpeg
Easter Writing Paper
Easter Writing Paper #2 – Jpeg

Printable Easter Egg Decorations – PDF

This printable comes from another post I did earlier in the year, Printable Easter Egg Templates. Click on the Easter Egg Decorations image to open up the PDF version. You can use these Easter eggs for classroom decorations and arts and crafts with your kids.

Easter Egg Decorations
Easter Egg Decorations – PDF

Free Easter Word Search

Here’s a fun Easter Word Search I drew a while back. Can you find all 16 Easter-themed words? For a black and white version and the answer key, please visit my Printable Easter Word Search post.

Easter Word Search
Easter Word Search – Jpeg

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