How to Draw an Astronaut

Space, the universe, and the final frontier. The astronaut represents all of these things. Even though manned space travel is temporarily on hold (Thanks NASA), kids continue be fascinated by these daring explorers. For this reason, I have created an easy step-by-step tutorial, to show elementary and middle school students how to draw an astronaut.

You may download the tutorial in PDF or Jpeg format, or follow the online tutorial on this page. The online tutorial includes text descriptions of each step.

Easy Drawing Tutorials for Kids - AstronautWorksheet Title: Draw an Astronaut – Easy Drawing Tutorials for Kids
Illustrated by: Tim van de Vall
Created: 7/13/15
Description: Learn how to draw an astronaut standing on the moon.
Target Audience: Kids, ages 6 and up
Format: PDF & Jpeg
File Size: Less than 1 megabyte
Free for educational purposes.
Download: Draw an Astronaut.pdf | Download: Draw an Astronaut.jpeg

How to Draw an Astronaut

Learn how to draw an astronaut in 9 simple steps by following the tutorial below. To follow along, you’ll need a pencil, sharpener, eraser, and paper.

Step 1. To begin your astronaut drawing, draw a circle near the top of your sheet of paper. This will be the helmet of the astronaut. Inside the circle, draw the helmet’s glass surface.

how to draw an astronaut

Step 2. Begin to add in the details of the astronaut’s face. Of course, you can draw another face inside the astronaut suit. Draw two small ovals for eyes, and a round oval nose. A crescent moon for the mouth. Then begin to draw the arms and body of the astronaut. draw an astronaut

Step 3. Now let’s draw in the tubes on the astronaut’s suit. Start drawing his hands by adding his thumb and index fingers. Then finish up his head by drawing in his hair.  astronaut drawing

Step 4. Continue to work on the astronaut’s hands. Draw in his belt and his legs. drawing tutorials for kids

Step 5. Finish up the astronaut’s hands. Draw a rough squiggly line for the lunar surface. Then begin to draw the astronaut’s boots. astronaut drawing for kids

Step 6. Finish the boots of the astronaut. Draw a box around him, his oxygen supply Also draw the box that holds the oxygen tubes on his chest. astronaut drawing for kids

Step 7. Pencil in the soles of his boots, the patches on his suit, and the straps that hold the oxygen tube apparatus. Draw a circle for the earth in the top right.  draw an astronaut

Step 8. Time to add in some details. Draw in some starts and the continents on the earth. Include the straps on the legs and the gravel and cracks on the moon’s surface.  how to draw an astronaut

Step 9. Time to color!astronaut drawing

All done? Excellent work! Your astronaut drawing is now complete! Thanks for following my drawing tutorial! Feel free to check out more of them by following the link below.

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