Pentagon Templates

Are you looking for a printable pentagon template? If that’s the case, you’ve succeeded. This page has several printable pentagon templates and shape for you to download. The pentagon shapes range in size from 1 inch to 7 inches wide. They’ve been fit onto 8.5″ x 11″ letter-sized sheets for easy printing. Hopefully these templates will save you some time from having to draw pentagons by hand. Feel free to use them for any personal creative artwork or craft, including decorations, labels, stickers, stencils and signs.

Finally, if you need a template for another shape, please visit the Geometric Shape Templates page, or click on the breadcrumbs at the top of this page.

Printable Pentagon Templates

Blank Pentagon Template
1-Inch Pentagon
1.5-Inch Pentagon
Printable Pentagon Outline
2-Inch Pentagon
Printable Pentagon Templates
3-Inch Pentagon
Pentagon Sheet
4-Inch Pentagon
Blank Pentagon Stencil
5-Inch Pentagon
Printable Pentagon Shape
6-Inch Pentagon
Free Printable Shape
7-Inch Pentagon

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5 thoughts on “Pentagon Templates”

  1. These pentagons are perfect for making stars to put onto a newborn infant bonnet! Thanks a million!!!

  2. Diane Harrison

    Have just printed off a second batch of mixed size pentagons, I am using them to make various size balls, to sell to raise money for school PTA, which in turn will go towards Operation Playground (upgrading all the school playgrounds), so thank you very much for such a helpful site.

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