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Christmas holly, not to be confused with mistletoe, is a common winter holiday decoration. This webpage features a collection of free Christmas holly clip art pictures for you to use in your holiday crafts. Each of these images is free for personal and educational use. Commercial use, however, is prohibited. This means that you’re free to use these images in church flyers, creative crafts with your kids or grandchildren, Christmas cards to friends and family, and any other creative activity, as long as you’re not trying to make money doing it. I hope you find the Holly images you’re looking for! Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to browse the site for more holiday-themed clip art.

Holly Clip Art

Holly Clip Art
Don’t those red Holly berries look tasty? Actually, they’re slightly toxic to humans, and cause vomiting and diarrhea. Fortunately for you, your children, and your pets, these 2-dimensional Holly berries aren’t nearly as harmful. Though if you print this out, I still wouldn’t suggest eating them.

Christmas Labels & Banners featuring Holly

Holly Christmas Banner
Here is a nice Christmas banner, featuring some holly and an elf in a stocking.
Holly Christmas Label
I think this Christmas label also turned out really well. Print this out and use it as a label on Christmas gifts.
Holly Clipart
This last piece of holly clip art features Christmas presents and a happy little gingerbread man.

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