Free Santa clip art and Santa coloring page

santa claus

On this page you’ll find a free Santa clip art illustration and a free printable Santa coloring page for kids.

He lives on the apex of the world. He is a tall, burly man who weighs 357 pounds. With a jolly twinkle in his eye, he strides through his workshop, carefully commenting on the crafts of a thousand tiny workers. His is, of course, the one any only Santa Claus. In order to meet him in person, you need only visit the nearest mall. In order to get free Santa clip art, you need only scroll down the page.

This hand drawn illustration depicts Santa checking his naughty and nice list. The  Santa clip art picture may be used as a Christmas decoration for the home or classroom. The black and white version is a coloring page for kids.

Have a wonderful Christmas holiday. Thanks for visiting Tim’s Christmas Printables!


santa clip artSanta Coloring Page

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