Printable Bookmarks for Kids

If your child loves to read, then surprise him or her with these free printable bookmarks for kids. Making these bookmarks with your child is a fun and easy art project they’ll surely enjoy. There are three bookmarks to choose from. Each has an adventure theme, including pirates, ancient Egypt, and deep sea exploration.

Printable Bookmarks for Kids

In order to make your own bookmark, start by clicking one of the bookmark images below to open up the high resolution jpeg. If your child enjoys coloring activities, perhaps printing a black & white bookmark rather than a color one. Right-click on the larger image and click “Save Image As…” to save it to your computer.

This saved image will be the template for your bookmark art project. Print the saved image. Sturdy printer paper would make your bookmark more durable. Next, cut out the bookmark. Finally, laminate the bookmark to protect it again wear and tear. Slip it into a book, and you and your child are ready to read!

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printable bookmarks for kidsPrintable-Bookmarks-for-Kids-BW-150-2Printable-Bookmarks-for-Kids-BW-150-3

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