Printable Pop Up Cards

So you want to make a pop up card? Well my friend, your exceptional web surfing skills have served you well, for this page will surely help you accomplish your noble creative goal. Not only does this page provide free printable pop up card templates for kids, it also includes pop up card instructions and examples for your to print, cut, paste, and display. This is particularly beneficial to the artistically challenged, time-crunched, or lazy/practical creative layman.


Pop Up Card Templates for Kids

Without further ado…the pop up card template! Yes, she’s a beauty isn’t she? A bit plain, but hey, it is only a template. You’re in charge of decorating it, not me. Print it out on some cardstock or  construction paper. Fold along the horizontal line in the middle. Then cut the two vertical lines of the box in the center of the page. Pop out the middle portion of the template, you’ve got a fully functioning pop up card in progress. Want to make a pop up book instead of a pop up card? That’s no problem. Just print more templates and paste em together. Click the image below to download a high resolution jpeg of the pop up card template.
printable pop up card template for kids

Pop Up Card Background

In vibrant RGB color, this fantastical cartoon forest backdrop is the perfect setting for a thousand tales, a hundred adventures, a million romantic romps, and a myriad of frivolous escapades!


printable pop up card template for kids

Here’s another copy of the background, for those who like to color, AKA those who like to save their expensive color ink.

printable pop up card template for kids

Cartoon Characters

Now let’s add some characters. Choose from any of the six characters below. Surely one of these brilliant cartoon masterpieces will tickle your creative fancy.

template for kids

Again, the same set of cartoons, for coloring enthusiasts and color ink misers.

printable pop up card template for kids

Pop Up Book Tutorial

And now we come to the grand finale of this post. Yes, it’s the tutorial you’ve been waiting for: How to make your own pop up book, complete with photos! Here is documented proof of every step of the pop up card creation journey.

Step 1. Print the template and cartoon characters.

pop up card tutorial

Step 2. Cut out the cartoon characters. Fold the card in half. Cut the vertical lines of the box in the center. Then fold the top and bottom lines of the box in the center.

pop up card tutorial

Step 3. Set up the template. pop up card tutorial

Step 4. With some tape or glue, paste the cartoon character onto the background.

pop up card tutorial

Results may vary, depending on the cartoon character of your choosing. This product may contain peanut oil/Yellow 5. May contain small parts not suitable for children under 3. pop up card tutorial

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