Christmas Bookmarks – A Fun Printable Christmas Craft for Kids

Christmas Eve is coming soon! If your kids enjoy reading, print these cheerful and free Christmas bookmarks for kids. This letter-sized printable contains 3 different bookmarks, available in color and black & white.

The first bookmark depicts a young reindeer sliding down a snowy roof alongside Santa Claus. The following bookmark shows three elves among a tall stack of Christmas gifts. The final bookmark shows a jolly Christmas polar bear carrying a sack of presents.

If your children like to color, print the black and white version. Don’t have time to add the color in yourself? Then print the color version.

For best results, print or glue these Christmas bookmarks onto sturdy construction paper and laminate. Then you can use them for many Christmases to come!

Printable Christmas Bookmarks – Color

Some of these illustrations may look familiar. If you like the reindeer in the first bookmark, he’s also featured in a coloring page and a connect-the-dots printable.

Please click one of the Christmas bookmark illustrations to go to the corresponding download page in the Printables Library.

printable Christmas bookmarks

Printable Christmas Bookmarks – Black & White

The jolly polar bear in the third book mark is also featured in his own coloring page, as well as in this Santa Claus letter template.

Please click one of the Christmas bookmark illustration to go to the corresponding download page in the Printables christmas bookmarks

Teachers, you’re welcome to print multiple copies of these Christmas bookmarks so that you have enough for your entire class. Please keep an eye on your kids if they’re using scissors to cut out these bookmarks.

Original Sketches

For those of you curious about how these bookmarks were made: I sketched the bookmarks on a Wacom tablet using Photoshop. Then I inked the drawings in a program called Manga Studio. Finally, I took the inked drawings back into the Photoshop and colored them.

Here’s some of the original sketches.

christmas craft for kids

printable christmas activities for kids


Have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! Please visit the Printables Library for more Christmas Printables!

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