Printable Christmas Cut and Paste Activity

If your kids like enjoy art crafts and imagination, they’ll surely enjoy this printable Christmas cut and paste activity from Tim’s Printables. This charming PDF activity contains a set of characters for children to cut out, and a North Pole background for kids to paste the characters onto. 

Just like the sticker books you might have had when you were a child, this activity will allow your young ones to imagine their own story scenarios. 

Christmas Cut and Paste Activity

Color Version

printable christmas cut and paste

Christmas Cut and Paste Activity

Black & White Version

christmas cut and paste activity

The Characters

I’m gradually building a mythology of recurring characters throughout all the content on Tim’s Printables. Here are the names of characters. You may have seen some of them before in my Ergo comics.

  1. In the train: Humphrey the Elf and his pet reindeer, Bogart. (Combined, their names form the name of the star from the classic WWII-era film, Casablanca)
  2. Arrowbot the Robot (Hunter-gatherer robot from my comic strip, Ergo)
  3. Santa Claus
  4. Phil the Christmas Bear (named after the venerable Phil Harris, voice of Baloo in the Jungle Book)
  5. Fabio the Reindeer (absentminded reindeer in center)
  6. Tessa Ergo (with the hot chocolate)
  7. George Ergo (with the box of lights)
  8. Oregano the Mouse (Named after a horse I had in Red Dead Redemption 2:))
  9. Crispy the Gingerbread Man
  10. Quatermain the Elf (with the toy bag, named after the hero in King Solomon’s Mines.)
  11. Carnegie and Frick, Snowman and Snowboy (named after the 19th century steel magnate and his rather ruthless chairman)
  12. Cap’n Marshmallow the Guard Elf
  13. Ricky the Reindeer (with the scarf)

Happy Holidays! If your kids enjoyed with activity, email me some photos of their finished work, and I’ll add it to this post:)

– Tim

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