free printable mazes

Free Printable Mazes

For today’s post, I’ve collected several of my free printable mazes. Some mazes come from older posts on the site, but I’ve added a few new ones as well. Once I create enough mazes, I’ll include them in their own category in the menu, but I’ll need a few more before I can do that. Until then, this page is the go to location for my maze printables.

Free Printable Mazes

Downloading Instructions: To download a maze, right-click on one of the free printable mazes and press “Save Link As…” A high resolution jpeg will be saved to your computer. Open it in your favorite image viewing program, and then send it to your printer. When printing, be sure to scale the image to fit to your printer paper.

Free Printable Mazes



This apple maze comes from my Apple Templates post. I think that preschoolers and kindergarteners would enjoy this maze most.

Maze Printable


mazes for kidsI think this woolly mammoth maze is one of the best ones I’ve made so far. The maze itself isn’t very challenging, but I’m very happy with the quality of the illustration. This maze comes from the post, Woolly Mammoth Facts for Kids.

free printable mazes

This maze features Chartwell, a comic book character I created some years back. The first Chartwell comic book is still in the works. Once it’s ready to be published, I’ll post more about it. Until then, you’ll probably see Chartwell pop up here and there in various printables I’m working on.

maze printable

This penguin maze comes from my Penguin Templates post. On that page you can also find other penguin themed printables, including coloring pages and decorations.

free printable mazes

Maze Piicture

2018 Mazes

The following mazes were added in September 2018. I’m playing around with various grids created in Illustrator to make more interesting maze designs.

wavy maze

hexagonal maze

Thanks for visiting my website! Check back again soon for more great printables and illustrations for your kids, as well as the kid that’s inside all of us adults. And if you enjoyed the content on this page, please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

– Tim

Each of these free maze printables was illustrated by Tim van de Vall. These illustrations are copyright (c) Dutch Renaissance Press. They may be printed and saved for personal and educational purposes only. Commercial use is strictly prohibited. You may not post any of these images on your own website. If you would like to share this content with your friends, please do so by using a link.

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  1. Thank you for such wonderful resources! They will come in handy for my son as we home school and we try to keep things new and exciting in class.

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