Printable Pattern Blocks for Kids

Pattern blocks are a wonderful creative tool to help teach your kids about geometry, symmetry, problem solving, fractions, and spatial thinking. If your children enjoy recreating pattern block designs, download this PDF collection of printable pattern blocks.

In this post, I am introducing my second set of pattern block templates! The new designs are: Boat, Castle, Caterpillar, Cube, Helicopter, and Train.

Each design is included in both color and black and white. The downloads below are free for subscribed members of Tim’s Printables. Not yet a member? Join now, and gain access to hundreds of exciting and creative printable activities. Already a member? Please remember to log in

Printable Pattern Blocks – Color Version

Here are the color versions. My personal favorite is the helicopter. 

Pattern Block Templates – Black and White Version

Next, we have the black and white versions. Kids can lay the color blocks on top of them, or color these instead. No need to stick with the standard pattern block colors then! My second favorite of this set is the train. 

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Each printable measures 7.5″x10″ in dimension, for easy printing on letter-sized paper. No need to change the scale in your printer settings. Simply print at actual size. To view the PDF properly on your computer, you may need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader. After clicking the ‘download’ button, the file should go to the Downloads folder on your computer. 

Pattern Blocks – Set 1

If you would like to use the above Printables, but don’t have any plastic or wood pattern blocks, no worries! A few years ago, I created a PDF pack with several sheets of pattern block shapes that can be cut out and used just like store-bought pattern blocks. This file includes yellow octagons, blue rhombi, green equilateral triangles, beige rhombi, orange squares, and red trapezoid. Also included are an additional of templates: Turtle, House, UFO, Car, Shark, and Ship. 


All content on Tim’s Printables may be downloaded and printed for personal and educational purposes only.

Enjoy the new pattern block templates! Recreate them just as they are, or change the designs, or come up with something entirely new on your own! 

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