Halloween Haunted House Dot-to-Dot


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Connect the dots to complete the image of the Halloween haunted house! There are 750 dots to connect. Once the lines are complete, grab some crayons and add a bit of color to the spooky scene. The completed image reveals a haunted house situated near a graveyard. Bats are flying through the air, and a full moon hangs in the sky. Jagged trees stand guard along the path to the house. A sinister raven sits perched upon a gravestone, and a ghost is floating toward the road to scare trick-or-treaters. In front of the gravestone, the hand of a zombie bursts out of the ground – the undead are eager to scare the living on All Hallow’s Eve! 

Tags: halloween, connecting the dots, brain teaser, creativity, fine motor skills, relaxation, art, drawing, number, counting. 

Created by Tim van de Vall. Copyright Tim’s Printables LLC. Terms of use – for personal and educational purposes only. 

Dot-to-Dot activity on page 1. Answer key on page 2. Page dimensions: 7.5”x10”. PDF format. 


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