Isometric Graph Paper


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Print isometric graph paper for your entire classroom! The equilateral triangles making up the paper measure 0.5” in width. 


1. Isometric Graph Paper 1 – Black
2. Isometric Graph Paper 1 – Gray
3. Isometric Graph Paper 1 – Light Blue
4. Isometric Graph Paper 2  – Black
5. Isometric Graph Paper 2- Gray
6. Isometric Graph Paper 2 – Light Blue

These graph paper templates may be useful for math class, geometry, graphing, technical drawing, and architectural illustration.

Page dimensions: 7.5”x10” for easy printing on letter-sized and A4 paper. 

Terms of use – For personal and educational purposes only. 

Printing instructions: When printing, make sure that “scale to fit” is turned OFF. The graph paper printable needs to be printed at 100% scale / actual size in order for the grid size to be accurate. 

PDF format. 


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