Killer Whale Dot-to-Dot


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When I was in kindergarten, I was mesmerized by the film “Free Willy.” I fondly remember watching it in class on a rainy afternoon; one of those rare and special days when the teacher made popcorn and we all huddled around a tiny tv. Thanks to that old VHS, I became interested in killer whales, and so, in making a series of dot-to-dot activities for kids, I knew I needed to create a killer whale dot-to-dot. There are 462 dots to connect, an extreme challenge for kids and adults alike!

Finally, if you look closely at the dot-to-dot, you’ll notice that the orca in the top right hand corner has 3 black spots on his chin, just like the orca Keiko, who portrayed Willy in the film.

Terms of Use – For personal and educational purposes only. 

PDF format, answer key included.


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