Leaning Tower of Pisa Dot-to-Dot


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Connect the dots and reconstruct the old Leaning Tower of Pisa! This Leaning Tower of Pisa dot-to-dot activity contains 258 dots to connect.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa began to lean during its construction, around the 12th century. The ground beneath the tower was too soft to withstand its weight. The tower stands about 8 stories and weighs approximately 14,700 metric tons!

Recent stabilization work on the tower has reduced the tilt from 5.5 degrees to less than 3.97 degrees.

This fun connect the dots activity will make a welcome addition to any world history lesson, European history activity, Renaissance lesson, or history class about Italy, or famous architecture. 

Activity on page 1. Answer key on page 2. Page dimensions: 7.5”x10”. Terms of Use – For personal and educational purposes only. PDF format. 


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