Microscope Diagram


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With a microscope, you can discover the tiny world of cells and atoms that gives shape and form to us all. If you’re learning about the parts of a microscope in school, download the printable microscope parts diagram pdf for students and teachers.

In this pdf, you will find 6 pages, each containing a microscope diagram that may help you prepare for a test or quiz. This set of worksheets is most likely best for middle school and early high school science and biology students.


  1. Microscope Parts Diagram – Color, Labeled
  2. Microscope Parts Diagram – Black and White, Labeled
  3. Blank Microscope for Labeling Diagram – Color
  4. Blank Microscope for Labeling Diagram – Black and White
  5. Unlabeled Microscope Illustration – Color
  6. Unlabeled Microscope Illustration – Black and White

Page dimensions – 8.5″x11″. Terms of use – For personal and educational purposely only. PDF format.


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