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Connect the dots in this penguin dot-to-dot! Draw not one, not two, but five penguins in the icy waters of Antarctica. They’re not all the same sort of penguin either. One is an emperor penguin, three are gentoo penguins (known for being very respectable gentoo-men), and the last one is an African penguin. Now, I realize that these species might not all hang out in the same place in real life, oh well. Maybe they’re all at a Penguin Convention or something. 

Interestingly, the Emperor Penguin can live up to 50 years! That’s a long time to sit on a block of ice not doing much of anything. (Still it’s a more interesting life than the Greenland shark, who can live up to 400 years, just swimming and eating.)

It take 340 dots to complete the penguin dot-to-dot. Include it in your classroom library of free time activities for your kids, or as part of a take-home packet about Antarctica.

Activity on page 1. Answer key on page 2. Page dimensions: 8.5”x11”. Terms of Use – For personal and educational purposes only. PDF format. 


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