Place Value Blocks


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Help your kids visualize place value with these printable place value blocks. When I was in elementary school, we had these wood place value blocks in the classroom. We’d use them to learn place value, but also for building castles and houses, as thought they were Legos.

These printable place value blocks can be used in a similar fashion. Kids can cut and paste the blocks onto sheets of construction paper. Since they are roughly isometric, they can be pasted on top of one another without a flaw in the perspective. They can be used for math of course, but also just for arts and crafts and coming up with fun designs. Sort of like a 2D version of MineCraft.

I hope your kids like them!

There are 41 pages total: Cover page, Sheets of Ones, Tens, Hundreds, and Thousands, in Black and White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Gray, Orange, Pink, Purple, and Light Brown. PDF format.


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