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If you want to have a raffle for your classroom or community, download this handy set of raffle ticket generators. No matter how large or how small your raffle is going to be, now you’ll have all the raffle tickets you need. Don’t spend time numbering tickets by hand. Instead, press a single button!


1. Unzip the file. You’ll find a folder containing seven raffle ticket generators. The tickets differ only by color.
2. In Adobe Acrobat Reader, open the raffle ticket generator for the color you want.
3. Press the ‘Generate New Ticket Numbers!’ button at the top of the sheet.
4. Voila! A new set of raffle tickets is ready to print.

Note: You must use Adobe Acrobat Reader to use this product. If you don’t use Acrobat Reader, the code inside the PDF might not generate any new numbers.

Don’t worry, the ‘Generate New Ticket’ button won’t print along with the tickets. The ticket numbers come in pairs. One ticket to hand to students, and one ticket to place in a hat.

You can choose from the following ticket colors: blue, green, orange, purple, red, white, and yellow.


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