Snowman Cut and Paste Activity


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Let your kids create their own unique snowman with this winter-themed snowman cut and paste activity! Dress the snowman in different hats. Add a scarf, arms and legs, and gloves. Pick a background and props to complete the creative scene, and then color!


1. Cover 
2. Cover – Black and white
3. Cover version 2  w/ characters & snowman template
4. Complete characters in various sizes
5. Snowman bodies
6. Facial expressions
7. Snowman body templates
8. Various snow shapes
9. Props, including arms, gloves, sleigh
10. Props, including scarves, snowflakes
11. Characters in action
12. Characters, props
13. Eyes, hands, snow
14. Buttons, igloo, props, snowman buttons and noses
15. Background 1 – Snowy Road
16. Background 2 – Icy River
17. Background 3 – Snowy Mountains
18. Background 4 – Snowy Mountains 2
19. Background 5 – Snowy Mountains 3
20. Example 1 / Coloring Page
21. Example 2 / Coloring Page
22. Example 3 / Coloring Page

Activity Idea: Let the kids paste their snowman onto a large sheet of paper. Then ask them to draw the background around the snowman.

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22 Pages. Page dimensions: 7.5″x10″. Terms of Use – For personal and educational purposes only. PDF format.


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