Thirteen Colonies Map – Labeled, Unlabeled, and Blank PDF


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Help your kids learn the locations of each of the thirteen colonies with the help of this handy thirteen colonies map! 

There are three versions to print. The first map is labeled, and can be given to the students to memorize. The second map is unlabeled, and contains arrows with spaces for the students to write in the colony names. You can use this page to quiz your kids. 

Finally, a blank thirteen colonies map has been included. This can be used for various other social studies activities. 


Page 1 – Thirteen Colonies Map – labeled  
Page 2 – Thirteen Colonies Map – Unlabeled
Page 3 – Thirteen Colonies Map – Blank

Page dimensions: 7.5”x10”. Terms of Use – For personal and educational purposes only. PDF format. 


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