Project Concept: Santa’s Elves Coloring Pages

I enjoy creating worlds, and drawing out all the intricate details. Illustration is an iterative process, and sometimes you stumble onto a new idea just by doodling. Such an occurrence took place today. I was inking an old Christmas illustration that I had sketched back in 2014:

Christmas world concept

I decided I didn’t really like the first elf in the picture. First of all, there’s a flaw in the proportions. His head is set too far down in his body. I started to redraw him and came up with this elf:

christmas elf

Right away, I like this character. He has a sort of stern Liam Neeson look, mixed in with a bit of Leonardo Da Vinci. If he’s the master elf, who is he in charge of? Perhaps I’ll come up with a few more characters and create a small coloring booklet of Santa’s Elves. It would also be neat to redesign Santa Claus himself, and the North Pole and his workshop. Give sort of a Lord of the Rings style design to the myth of Santa Claus.

Completed Illustration, updated 12/12/17:

christmas elf

I’ve pulled some more drawings that would fit this concept. I’m not sure if I’ll take time to develop it. Perhaps it will come together gradually, since I spent a few weeks each year drawing new Christmas Printables.

Santas workshop sketch

elf sketch

reindeer sketch

santa christmas eve

Santa giving presents

The above sketch was drawn in 2015. The two kids are clearly precursors to George and Tessa from my comic strip “Ergo” I hadn’t even come up with those characters back then. Interesting how the mind gradually develops ideas.

santa's sleigh

santa throwing snowball

santa sled

workshop elf

little reindeer

Above is a rather complete concept of a little reindeer I’m quite happy with. There’s a story brewing here, somewhere throughout these pieces.

Which of these sketches do you like the best? Please let me know in the comment section below. Your feedback is greatly appreciated! – Tim










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