Raffle Ticket Templates

Turn a mediocre event into a memorable party by throwing a raffle. A raffle is a great way to add a bit of excitement to a business meeting, holiday party, school event, or church gathering. All you need to make your own raffle is a set of raffle tickets and a few prizes. Lucky for you, we’ve already got the raffle tickets right here.

Choose from 3 different raffle ticket templates below. You download them for free and print them right from your home office. No need to track down a roll of tickets at Walmart. When things are free, you really save money, and live better.

Raffle Ticket Templates

I was recently traveling in Europe, so I got used to seeing the vibrantly colored Euro paper currency. The red gradients on these raffle ticket templates are similar to the sort of colors you see on the bills over there. This set of raffle tickets contains fifty numbered tickets in one PDF file. Click the raffle ticket image below to visit the download page.

raffle ticket template

Below you will find some more raffle ticket templates that I created a while back. These tickets have been left blank, so you can choose your own numbering convention. For more raffle tickets like this, please see this older raffle ticket template post.

Raffle Tickets without Numbers

And here is another neat style of raffle ticket, the golden ticket, as you might see in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Follow the link to see more golden tickets like this. You can also download this template directly by right-clicking on the raffle ticket image and pressing “Save Link As…”

raffle tickets

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