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Free Printable Gift Voucher Templates | Blank Gift Vouchers

Make your own gift vouchers by printing one of these blank gift voucher templates. Show appreciation for your friends, family and colleagues. Adorned with vibrant waves of gold, these professionally designed gift vouchers are the perfect reward for a wide variety of special occasions, including holidays, birthdays, graduations, fundraisers, raffles, lotteries, and church events. Best of all, these gift voucher templates are completely free to print, saving you money, which can now be spent on the prize winner, instead of the store.

Free Printable Gift Voucher Templates

To print your gift vouchers, save one of the gift voucher templates on this webpage. Just right-click on a template and press “Save Link As…” to download a high quality jpeg to your computer. Each set of templates fits to an 8.5 x 11 letter sized sheet. To make your gift voucher really stand out, print it on card stock or photo paper. When printing, be sure to scale the image to fit your paper size. These vouchers are free for personal use only. Commercial use is prohibited.

gift voucher template
Print this 9″ gift voucher if you want to present someone with a really large certificate.
gift voucher templates
If you need several gift vouchers, print this set of 6 certificates. Each voucher is 5″ wide.


free gift voucher template
Finally, here’s a set of three 6″ wide gift vouchers.

Terms of Use

You may print and save these templates for personal use only. You may not save this content and post it on a website or blog. You may not use these printables for commercial purposes. Businesses are allowed to use them for internal events, including parties, activities, and team building exercises. These gift voucher templates are copyright (c) Dutch Renaissance Press LLC.

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