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Bee Template Craft Ideas

Free printable bee templates & bee shapes for classroom art projects, school activities, and crafts for kids. Print these fun bee cutout shapes and include them in elementary school activities about bees, spring, and insects.

For best results, print onto card stock, laminate, or add a cardboard backing to each bee template.

Here are few recommended uses:

bee sketch1. Springtime Cut and Paste Project – Print several different shape templates for my Shapes Templates page. Let your kids decorate their own spring-themed posters. They can cut and paste the ready-made shapes, and also draw and color on their own.

2. Create a Bee Bookmark – Print one of my bookmark templates, and decorate it using these bees templates to create bee bookmarks for kids.

3. Create a Bee Popup Card- Print the popup card template, and combine it with the bee template to create a bee popup card.

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