Honeycomb Template & Honeycomb Pattern

Print either of the honeycomb templates above your personal and educational creative crafts. Both templates have been optimized to fit onto 8.5×11 letter-sized paper.

The first honeycomb pattern has rich gold gradients, great for a background for a scrapbook, poster, or cut and paste craft. The second honeycomb pattern has been left in black and white, so that you or your students/kids can color it.

Printable Honeycomb Template

Honeycomb Patternhoneycomb template

Art Project Idea:

1. Kids’s Bee Book: As part of an assignment, ask students to create a book explaining about bees. They can use the honeycomb template as the background for the front or back cover, or for the cover page insides. For this project, you may also want to download the Bee Templates, and the Beehive Template.

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