Benjamin Franklin Timeline

Even though more than two hundred years have passed since the death of Benjamin Franklin, this famous historical figure remains intriguing, not only as a Founding Father and a Revolutionist, but also as a businessman, scientist, philosopher, and entrepreneur. The practical lessons found in his Autobiography, Poor Richard’s Almanack, and other writings are still applicable today.

If you wish to learn more about Benjamin Franklin, for either school or personal interest, please read or download the Benjamin Franklin Timeline below.

benjamin franklin timeline

Benjamin Franklin Timeline Handout

1706 – Benjamin Franklin is born on January 17th, 1706 in Boston.
1718 – Becomes an apprentice at his brother’s print shop.
1722 – Begins to write for his brother’s newspaper, New England Courant.
1723 – Arrives in Philadelphia.
1727 – Organizes the Junto.
1728 – Sets up his own printing business.
1729 – Publishes the Pennsylvania Gazette.
1730 – Marries Deborah Read. Acknowledges existence of illegitimate son, William Franklin.
1731 – Sets up the Library Company.
1733 – Begins to publish Poor Richard’s Almanack.
1737 – Becomes postmaster of Philadelphia.
1741 – Invents the Franklin Stove, publishes The General Magazine.
1747 – Retires from active business.
1752 – Performs famous kite experiment.
1753 – Receives honorary degrees from Harvard & Yale.
1754 – Publishes Join or Die Cartoon.
1757 – Travels to England to protest the political influence of the Penn family.
1775 – Returns to Philadelphia. Appointed first United States Postmaster General.
1776 – Helps draft the Declaration of Independence. Travels to France as ambassador for the United States.
1788 – Finishes his autobiography.
1790 – Dies on April 17, 1790 from a pleuritic attack in Philadelphia.

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The Works of Benjamin Franklin

In order of relevance

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin by Benjamin Franklin – Wikipedia Article | Project Gutenberg eBook

Poor Richard’s Almanack by Benjamin Franklin – Wikipedia Article | 1733 Edition on

Books Read by Franklin

Pilgrims’ Progress by John Bunyan – Wikipedia Article | Project Gutenberg eBook

Plutarch’s Lives by Plutarch  – Wikipedia Article | Project Gutenberg eBook

On Human Understanding by John Locke – Wikipedia Article | Project Gutenberg eBook

The Art of Thinking by Antoine Arnauld and Pierre Nicole – Wikipedia Article


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