Spot the Difference Between Two Pictures! Find 10 Differences

Spot the difference between two pictures! Arrowbot the hunter-gatherer robot is on the move! There are ten differences to find. Can you discover them all?

You can view the puzzle here online, or download it as a PDF to print.

spot the difference between two pictures

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Spot the Difference Between Two Pictures – Color Version

Here’s the color version of the same spot the difference activity.

spot the difference between 2 pictures

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Meet the Character: Arrowbot

The character featured in this spot the difference is named Arrowbot. Arrowbot is a hunter-gather robot. He was built by George Ergo.

After analyzing all of human history, he came to the conclusion that people were happiest living as hunter gatherers:

online comic strip

Arrowbot and George, along with George’s sister, Tessa, are the stars of the comic strip, Ergo.

Here’s a personal favorite:

comic strip for kids
George’s mom, Sarah, struggles to understand the utility of a hunter-gatherer robot.

I created Arrowbot somewhere around 2010, simply as a play on words. (Arrowbot -> a robot.) Then I thought, what is an ‘arrowbot’? Well, a robot that shoots arrows. But why would a robot shoot arrows? Maybe he’s a hunter-gatherer robot. And thus a new character was born!

Why Spot the Difference is Really Fun to Draw

Spot the Difference is one my favorite activities to illustrate. It grants me nearly complete creative freedom. Space ships, dinosaurs, pirates, aliens – when it comes to spot the difference, everything works!

It’s even better when I get to include the original characters I love.

It’s nice to get to the drawing table in the morning, and sit before a blank sheet of Bristol board, having absolutely no idea what will pop out of your head that day. You just start drawing, and suddenly a concept materializes. Granted, some days require a bit more rumination that others.

Enjoy the new Spot the Difference printable! – Tim

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