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Three new printable animal dot-to-dots have been added to the Printables Library! Download them all. Each animal dot-to-dot is free for subscribing members to Tim’s Printables. Not yet a member? Join today! Already a member? Please remember to sign in to access the downloads. You can also purchase each dot-to-dot individually without a membership.

Praying Mantis Dot-to-Dot

Connect the dots to create the picture of the super fascinating and creepy praying mantis. What a bizarre insect, right?! It’s like some strange cross between a grasshopper and a ninja. This animal dot-to-dot has 314 dots to connect, so it’s a bit of a challenge, but not quite what I’d call an extreme dot-to-dot. More like a kinda hard dot-to-dot.

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Sea Horse Dot-to-Dot

Seahorses, what are seahorses? Are they fish? I’m going to go look on Wikipedia. Ha, they are fish! Apparently they belong to the genus hippocampus, which, oddly enough, is also a part of your brain. In other words, part of your brain is actually a seahorse. No, wait. That’s not quite right. According to Wikipedia, again, that part of your brain just looks like a seahorse. Disappointing, I know. Just when you thought you finally had a reasonable explanation for all the funny thoughts in your head. (Gee, that’s a strange thought. Oh well. Must be the that seahorse in my brain again, racing around.)

Any, this seahorse dot-to-dot has an astounding 822 dots to connect. That’s more dots than an earthworm has neurons! (Earthworms only have 302 neurons. They’re not the brightest bunch in the topsoil neighborhood.)

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Penguin Dot-to-Dot

Penguins have it rough. You know you have it rough when they name a Batman villain after you, without even bothering to add a clever adjective. Not The Blubbery Penguin, or the Sickle-Beaked Penguin. Nope. Just The Penguin, as if merely resembling that poor creature is bad enough. To be honest, the Penguin’s not one of my favorite Batman villains. He’s a bit bland. Let’s move on.

As far as famous penguins go, Bloom County’s Opus the Penguin wins first prize. Second prize goes to the slightly more obscure sidekick from Pol, Pel en Pingo, a Danish comic book that 99.9% of my readers will never have heard of, until now. I don’t know if there’s even an English translation out there. If there is, you should get it for your kids. The artwork is beautiful, and when I was a child, I thought the stories were magical.

There 340 dots to connect the penguin dot-to-dot. Less than the sea horse one. Still more than the earthworm neuron count.

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Closing Thoughts

Enjoy these animal dot-to-dots! Remember, these Printables and hundreds more are yours to access with an active Tim’s Printables Membership. It’s pretty much the best deal ever. Teachers, parents, and hobbyists all across America are joining. They’re happy, and their printers are happy too. Because printers like printing high quality stuff. It gives them a sense of purpose.

Until next time! – Tim

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