Blank Wanted Poster Template

wanted poster templateThe Old West: A lost time of gunslingers, cowboys, duels and bandanas. An epic moment in history when everyone carried a pistol on their hip, rode horses into the sunset, and played harmonicas by the open fire. One of the most enduring remnants of that time is the infamous wanted poster. Back in the day, the wanted poster kept townspeople in the know about notorious criminals such as Jesse James and Billy the Kid.

Make Your Own Wanted Poster

Today, the wanted poster has a more light-hearted purpose: to create a humorous parody of a friend or family member. If you’re looking to make such a wanted poster, you’ll need a wanted poster template, a photo of your outlaw, and a printer. Fortunately for you, this webpage has three free wanted poster templates to choose from. All you have to do is provide the mugshot.

Photography Suggestions: To make your image stand out, photograph your outlaw in front of a blank background, such as a white wall. Dress him or her up in clothes dating back to the Wild West. Be sure to include a cowboy hat, a pistol, and a bandana.

Blank Wanted Poster Templates

Here’s the first blank wanted poster template. Made of a finest 19th century parchment, and printed on a vintage printing press for an authentic feel that calls back to the old west. Decorated stars and weathered text, this antique poster only needs a photograph to look complete.

wanted poster template

Another high caliber wanted poster template. Reprinted in shades of grey, this classic poster would look best with a black and white mugshot.

blank wanted poster

The final wanted poster template, leveled in Photoshop to just black and white. Print this one if you’re going looking for a grungy, photocopy look.

Printable Wanted Poster

When you’re finished with your wanted poster, share it with your friends and family. Hang it up in the office or at home, and when someone comes by requesting the million dollar reward, run.


4 thoughts on “Blank Wanted Poster Template”

  1. I really like this template. I want to add to it what they are wanted for and I’d like the font to match. Can you tell me what font you used? Thanks!

    1. Tim van de Vall

      Hi Jen,

      The font is called “Nashville.” It’s 100% free to download, and I think you can find it on

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