Free Cover Letter Template and Resume Cover Letter Examples

You can only make a first impression once, so make sure it stands out in a good way. When applying for a job, your first impression takes the form of a resume cover letter. If you would like some help writing your resume cover letter, download one of these free cover letter templates for Microsoft Word. Further down the page you’ll find a few cover letter examples, as some tips to help you learn how to write a cover letter for a job.

Resume Cover Letter Templates

The cover letter templates on this page have been saved as .doc files for Microsoft Office Word 2011 and above. To download a template, click on any of the template thumbnails below.

This first template includes complete sentence structure. It is recommended that you use this only as a basis for your cover letter, and rewrite the sentence in your own words. If you fill in the variables with the appropriate words related to your job application, you’ll end up with a solid structure, which you can then polish into a high quality resume cover letter.


cover letter template

Cover Letter Format

This second template provides a general cover letter format, which you can use as guideline for writing your own cover letter. Use this template if you are confident in your own writing ability.

resume cover letter template

Cover Letter Examples

Here are a few resume cover letter examples, using the first resume cover letter template as this basis. The first cover letter is a fictional cover letter written by Sherlock Holmes, who is applying to be a detective at Scotland Yard. The second letter is written by an imaginary person applying for a managerial position at a fictional company called Widgets N Things. Finally, the third cover letter is written by an imaginary storyboard artist applying for a storyboard position at a fictional animation company called MoveSketch Inc.

cover letter example
cover letter sample
sample cover letter

Tips on How to Write a Cover Letter for a Job

  1. If possible, find a contact within the company. Real human-to-human networking goes a long way. If you’re having trouble landing a job through internet sites like, try to think of a personal connection with a friend or previous coworker, to help you back into the working world. In your cover letter, when writing about how you found the position, mention this person. And if you end up getting the job, take that person out to lunch.
  2. Be clear and concise: Make it apparent from the first sentence why you are writing to the addressee. Only mention your most marketable skills, with an emphasis on how they can help the company.
  3. Mention why you respect the company, but don’t be sycophantic about it. When giving praise, it’s best just to be truthful. Explain what you like about the company, but don’t be overtly flowery.
  4. Avoid absolutes. Try not to say things like, “I’m the best person for this job,” or “This is the number one company I want to work for.” Vast and general claims are difficult to back up with contextual evidence, and they sound amateurish and even childish.
  5. If you’re not a graphic designer, avoid unconventional layout and fonts. This applies to both the cover letter and the resume. If you don’t have a background in graphic design, and you’re not applying for a creative position, it’s probably best not to use unusual fonts and layouts. It may make your application stand out, but not necessarily in a good way.
  6. Check grammar and spelling. This is an obvious one, but it’s very important. Proofread your work, and then let friends and family proofread it. You’ve probably only got one shot to impress this company. Make it count.

I would like to conclude this post by mentioning that the use of these cover letter templates and examples in no way can guarantee you a job. Furthermore, I am not liable for the outcome of your job application. In short, you use these items at your own risk. – Tim van de Vall

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