Free Photo Frame Templates – Make Your Own Photo Frame – PDF Format

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If you want to make your own photo frame, print one of these photo frame templates below to help you get started. The first photo frame template fits 4×6 photos, and the second fits 5×7 photos. The dotted box marks the edge of the photo.

To create your photo frame, print out the template. Cut it out, and use it as a stencil to trace the photo frame dimensions onto a thick card stock sheet. Cut the card stock sheet along the solid lines. Further down the page, an example photo frame has been provided.

Blank Photo Frame Templates

These blank photo frame templates have been saved as PDF files. Click on the photo frame template to open the PDF in your browser.

Photo Frame Template


Photo Frame Template

Photo Frame Template for Kids

Using the photo frame template from above, I decided to draw my own photo frame. I’ve provided it below not only as an example, but also as a free printable for kids and parents to use. I went with a beach theme for this printable, since everyone’s got photos of their family at the beach.

Downloading Instructions: To download one of these photo frame templates for kids, right-click on one of the pictures and press “Save Link As…” A high resolution jpeg will be saved to your computer. Open it in your favorite image viewing program, and then send it to your printer. When printing, be sure to scale the image so that the entire image is 8.5″x11″

For Artists: This illustration was hand drawn using pencils. It was inked using India Ink and a nib. Color was added in Adobe Photoshop.


Printable Photo Frame Template

Finally, I’ve also included a black and white coloring page version of the photo frame template, for kids to color.

Free Photo Frame TemplateThese illustrations are copyright (c) Dutch Renaissance Press. All rights reserved. You may print them for personal and educational use only. Commercial use is prohibited.

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