Printable Blank Timeline

Looking for a printable blank timeline? This page contains a set of 4 timeline sheets that you can download for free. A timeline is a visually striking graphic organizer with which to tell a story. Perhaps you’re writing about a famous person in history, or the events leading up to a major historical event. Or maybe you story is more personal. You’re creating a timeline about your own life, or the life of a family member of friend. Either way, these printable blank timelines will help you accomplish your goals. Choose the one that’s best for your project.

You can print these timelines for any personal and educational (noncommercial) project, including book reports, Social Studies projects, scrapbooks, and other crafts. Click on a timeline to open a large version of the picture.

Printable Blank Timelines

printable timeline page
Printable Blank Timeline #1 – A very simple timeline, with plenty of space to add your information.
printable blank timeline
Printable Blank Timeline #2 – Here’s a timeline with 9 event boxes.
chronological timeline template
Timeline #3 – A sequential timeline. Write in each event in the order it occurred. Print as many copies as you need to tell your whole story.
Timeline #4 – A timeline with 6 event boxes.

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