Printable Train Template | Free Train Craft for a Train Birthday Party

All aboard! Glistening metal begins to turn. A whistle blows, like the call of an enormous mechanical owl. Slowly the wheels start to roll down the track. The locomotive is away!

I doubt there’s a single child on this earth that isn’t fascinated by trains. Not the streamlined trains of today, but the real trains, the vintage locomotives. Powered by steam, these colossal man-made beasts of burden represent progress, adventure and exploration.

Today’s free printable is a train template, which you can use to create a paper train craft for a train theme birthday party. There are 6 different printables to choose from. The first three train templates are in black and white. These also make great train coloring pages.  The next set of train templates are in full color.

To download a template, click one of the train template images below. The corresponding PDF will open in your browser.

Printable Train Template

This first printable is of the train locomotive. If your kids enjoy coloring, print this one out as a train coloring page. If you wish to turn into a train poster for your child’s train theme party, print it on card stock, or glue it onto cardboard, to make it more durable.


train template



This next printable is of a train car. Print multiple copies of this coloring page to create a long train.

train template printable

Here is the train’s coal car.

train craft

Train Craft for a Train Birthday Party


Below you will find the color versions of the train templates. Print these to create your paper train craft. Once you’ve printed out the templates, glue them onto cardboard or thick paper. Cut them out. Then attach the train cars together using tape or string. Hang the train craft on the wall as a birthday party decoration.


train birthday party craft

train party printable

train craft for kids

Additional Train Birthday Party Ideas

1. Create a Train Brithday Party Invitation: Print the train template of the color locomotive. Cut out the train. Write your party information on the back and send one to each of your guests.

2. Train Coloring Pages as Party Favors: Include a train coloring page in the party goodie bags for each of the kids to color.

Terms of Use

These printables were illustrated by Tim van de Vall. They may be used for personal and educational purposes only. Thanks!


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