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Educational Printables

To help kids learn, and teachers teach

language arts printables

Language Arts Printables

Worksheets, writing paper, story starters, and many more creative printables for Language Arts.

math printables

Math Printables

Here you’ll find a set of math worksheets and templates to help both students and teachers.

social studies printables

Social Studies Printables

In this section you’ll find worksheets, handouts and activities related to US history and world history.

pirate printables

Science Printables

Download coloring pages, activities and worksheets related to science and space!

Entertainment Printables

Fun things that you can print

pirate printables

Pirate Printables

An assortment of pirate-themed printables, including printable treasure maps, a treasure chest craft, and pirate writing paper for writing your own adventure stories! You can also learn about pirates such as Blackbeard and William Kidd.

easy drawing tutorials for kids

Easy Drawing Tutorials for Kids

Learn how to draw various animals, people, and objects by following these simple step-by-step instructions. Perfect for drawing beginners, hobbyists, and elementary and middle school students.

printable stickers

Printable Stickers

On this page you’ll find a large collection of printable sticker sheets. Print them as decorations for school projects, cut and paste activities, and dioramas. Each sticker sheet contains a particular animal or object in various sizes and colors.


Printable Activities

Pick from a bunch of different fun printable activities, including mazes, word searches, board game templates, chess, and memory.

14 thoughts on “Welcome to Tim’s Printables”

  1. Janette McGraw

    I googled for free printable Math Time Tables and found your site. Love it. I did not have to sign up or in. I am helping a Mom in Philippines with teaching mountain kids. I may even use a few pages for my granddaughter. These pages are just perfect. Thanks for all your help.

  2. Thanks for your help. Mother of a home-schooled Aspergers Child the school won’t let in.

  3. Tracie Molton

    I found your Pinterest board, and followed it to your website. I can’t wait to use your worksheets with my Son’s schooling. 🙂

  4. Bettina Frost

    Your printables are amazing. So quick and easy. Perfect for my ‘Star ‘ Team Meeting. I’ll be back ! Thanks.

  5. Wow what a easy site to use & navigate, lov my grandson & I are learning to write & draw, this is perfect for all ages,& to give my grandson a fun way to learn with all family members.
    Keep up the awesome work

  6. Mona Abdelmegeed

    I think it is an useful and amazing site. It helps both teachers and students. Thanks a lot

  7. Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow

    I am a quilter…needed an oak leaf. Found a perfect one here; thank you 🙂

  8. Michelle Armistead-Ings

    Great job and extremely useful! Thanks for taking the time to help us out. I will definitely use this site often for projects and teaching. Now I won’t have to search all over the internet when I need templates and ideas for crafts.

  9. Brenda Cavallero

    I just found your website while doing a Google search for an ice cream cone template. Your site is amazing! I’m just sorry that I didn’t find your site a long time ago.

  10. One of the few sites that actually allowed me to print without signing up, downloading a printer, etc…Thanks!!
    I look forward to utilizing this sight for homeschooling and Sunday School. Please keep up the excellent work!

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