Printable Activities for Kids

printable activities for kids

Pick from a bunch of different fun printable activities, including mazes, word searches, board game templates, chess, and memory. All content on Tim’s Printables is available to download for subscribing members of Tim’s Printables. Not yet a member? Join today! Already a member? Please remember to sign in to download content.

printable games for kids

Board Game Templates

Ever wanted to make your own board game? Now you can! Print one of these blank board game templates. Add your own pieces and dice, and come up with the rules for the game.

printable activities for kids

Connect the Dots

Complete the picture by connecting the dots. Choose from several different printables, including a connect-the-dots bear, tiger, tortoise, and frog.

activities for kids

Memory Game

Create your own memory game with these printable memory cards with a pirate theme. Cut the pictures and paste them onto cardboard, and then challenge your friends.

kids activity sheets

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

This one’s a classic: Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Cut out the donkey tails and add some duct tape on the back. Then find a blind fold, spin your friends around, and see if they can pin the tail in the right place. Great for kid’s birthday parties.

printable games for kids

Printable Chess Game

Want to learn chess? Print your own chessboard, complete with pieces! There are even different colored game boards to choose from.

printable activities for kids

Dice Templates

Make your own 6-sided, 10-sided, or 12-sided dice, perfect for if you’re creating your own board game. The dice templates come in various colors. Download the ones you like.

activities for kids


Here you’ll find a collection of my hand-drawn mazes. Some are simple and intended for young kids. Others are quite challenging.

kids activity sheets

Spot the Difference

Can you find all the differences between the two pictures? Print this fun activity and find out!

activtities for kids

Word Searches

Find the hidden words in this class word puzzle. The first word search contains words related to pirates. The next one is themed around sunken treasure. The third word search is centered around ancient Egypt and mummies.

printable games for kids

Printable Bingo Game

If you want to play Bingo, print this set of Bingo cards and tokens. There’s enough boards for many players, plus blank boards in case you need to make more.

printable games for kids

Printable Tic Tac Toe Game

Print a set of tic tac toe boards for your kids. Includes a board with x and o pieces, that you can use again and again.

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