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Printable treasure maps for kids

Unlock you child’s imagination with these free printable treasure maps for kids. Click on the maps below to save them to your computer. The first two treasure maps are fully detailed with exotic locations. Maps three and four are blank, allowing your kids to draw their own treasure maps.

Detailed Treasure Maps for Kids

treasure maps for kids

Join your child on an imaginary adventure past skull rock. Travel beyond the Indian teepees, across the beaches of shark bay and around Dead Fish Lake. Cut through the palm trees and follow Snake River to the place where X marks the spot, and the treasure awaits!


treasure maps for kids

Beware, ye who travel here! Venture past the dormant volcano and along the rain forest path. Cross over the canyon abyss into the bone planes. Trek north through the desert, and then back over the canyon toward the white-topped mountains. At last, at the X-marked stone, gold is to be found!


Blank Treasure Maps for Kids

blank treasure maps for kids

Lo and behold, this ancient parchment map be empty! Grab your crayons, your crow-quill or your magic markers and set to work, young lads an’ lasses! Take what’s in your mind and set in on paper! A winding path, perhaps, dotted and flowing across the page. Over cliffs and through caves, in search of buried treasure! Treasure maps for kids, nay! This is a treasure map for pirate adventurers!


blank treasure maps for kids

Another blank canvas for creativity! Sharpen yer sword and get to work, landlubber! Illustrate a scene reminiscent of Treasure Island! Do ol’ Jim Hawkins proud. Sketch away and when yer done, print another and sketch again!


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Tim van de Vall is a digital artist who specializes in cartooning and illustration. As a citizen of the Netherlands living in the United States, Tim’s artistic style has been influenced by both American and European comic strips. Much of Tim’s art is intended for kids and focuses on the themes of adventure, exploration and imagination. When he’s not working at his drawing table, Tim makes educational materials for his blog. You can find Tim on .

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