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Rectangular Prism Template

If you’re learning about 3D shapes and geometry in school, here’s a free printable rectangular prism template. By building a rectangular prism crafts, students will be able to see how a 2D shape coverts into a 3D shape. When completed, they can turn the object, and count the vertices, faces, and edges.

Rectangular Prism Template and Paper Model

To download the rectangular prism template PDF, click the image below. An 8.5 x 11 PDF will open in your browser. Once it loads, save it to your computer, or send it to your printer. Teachers, feel free to print multiple copies of these worksheets for your students.

rectangular prism template

Construction Tutorial


1. Print the Rectanglular Prism Net on some sturdy construction paper.


2. Cut out the rectangular prism net along its perimeter. Fold along the lines of the flaps and shapes that make up the net.


3. Fold the pieces of the prism so that the rectangle caps are facing. Tape the flaps under the faces with scotch tape. Once all the flaps are taped, your paper model is complete.

Surface Area Formulas

Rectangle Base and Rectangle

The surface area of a prism is equal to the sum of the areas of its faces. A rectangular prism is made up of 4 rectangle side faces and 2 rectangle cap faces.

 Rectangular Prism Surface Area Formula:
2lw + 2lh + 2wh
l = the length of the rectangular prism
w = the width of the rectangular prism
h = the height of the rectangular prism

Volume Formulas

Rectangular Prism Volume Formula:
Volume =lwh
l = the length of the rectangular prism
w = the width of the rectangular prism
h = the height of the rectangular prism

Vertices, Faces, and Edges

A rectangular prism has 6 faces, 8 vertices, and 12 edges.

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