Dinosaur Dot-to-Dot – Diplodocus

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Connect the dots to reveal the picture of the diplodocus dinosaurs. There are 1159 dots to connect in this dot-to-dot, keeping your students busy for quite some time! Include this fun and challenging activity in a lesson about dinosaurs, prehistoric life, and diplodocus.

Diplodocus Longus was a large sauropod dinosaur similar to Brachiosaurus, Apatosaurus, and Brontosaurus. It lived in the Late Jurassic Period in what is now North America. 


Page 1 – Dot-to-Dot with black dots & numbers. 
Page 2 – Dot-to-Dot with gray dots & numbers.  (Kids who want to color the dot-to-dot afterward may prefer this version.)
Page 3 – Answer key

Print this dot to dot for your classroom, year after year.

Page dimensions: 7.5”x10”. Terms of Use – For personal and educational purposes only. PDF format. 


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